ServiceNow Invests in MobiChord

“The investment will accelerate MobiChord’s product development and augment the growth of global sales and operations. We are strategically investing in companies like MobiChord to help our customers automate every enterprise service and drive workplace productivity.”

Dominic Phillips, Vice President, ServiceNow Ventures

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The Only Telecom Management Solution powered by ServiceNow

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Changing the way organizations manage telecommunications

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“MobiChord and ServiceNow gave us complete mobile transparency, allowing us to streamline the internal tasks and shut down several legacy systems to substantially reduce operating costs”
Dr. Matthias Egelhaaf
IT Services Director

Telecom Service Management powered by ServiceNow

MobiChord is changing the way organizations manage telecom with Telecom Service Management (TSM) by applying service management principles to telecommunications. TSM replaces old, outdated lifecycle management with a system that focuses on creating complete visibility and predictability, maximal automation of tasks and processes, and real-time alerts and actionability. MobiChord is dedicated to providing customers with an amazing user experience, lower telecom-related expenses and unmatched time savings.
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Amazing UX

MobiChord is committed to creating an amazing UX that is simple to use and quick to learn for the entire organization.

Global Transparency

By creating a single-system of record MobiChord offers complete telecom transparency.

Comprehensive Analytics

MobiChord offers powerful, comprehensive analytics that help visualize telecom usage, expenses, inventory and contracts.

Real Time

MobiChord helps companies manage telecom in real time using action-based alerts from select providers.

Guaranteed Cost & Time Savings

MobiChord is devoted to producing customer value, whether that be through operational efficiencies or hard-dollar savings.


MobiChord’s self-service capabilities let end users request and perform service actions, eliminating the need for help-desk support.


MobiChord integrates wireless carriers and EMM solutions with ServiceNow. This give you a central system where all IT can be managed.

Single system

MobiChord aggregates information from telecom providers, EMM solutions and SaaS providers and create a single-system of record for all telecommunications.


Mobichord utilizes ServiceNow’s customizable workflows and business rules to automate manual tasks.


Customizable workflows allow organizations to automate processes based on individual requirements and ensure involved parties receive proper notifications.


MobiChord helps organizations manage usage from telecom services.


MobiChord creates a central inventory for all telecom assets and services.


MobiChord provides a single-system to manage telecom contracts


MobiChord aggregates all telecom-related expenses in ServiceNow


MobiChord is the ONLY telecom management solution built natively on ServiceNow and provides flexibility and structure for telecom service management.

MobiChord’s Telecom Service Management Difference

Complete Control

Total Transparency

Integrated Self-Service

Our Customers

MobiChord helps manage telecommunications for some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies around the globe.

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