Internet of Things Management

MobiChord provides a real-time solution for managing IoT assets, expenses and services directly from ServiceNow.

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 EMM Integration with ServiceNow

MobiChord seamlessly integrates all major EMM solutions with ServiceNow and accurately synchronizes assets with corresponding users.

 Real-Time Device Monitoring

Monitor and manage IoT devices directly from ServiceNow with real-time alerts and service cases.

Automated Service Management

MobiChord starts managing IoT devices the second they are activated, automatically applying proper wireless packages and features.

IoT Management Modernized and Transformed

IoT Management Built on ServiceNow

Harness the power and flexibility of ServiceNow workflows, business rules, catalogs and automatic notifications to manage IoT in your organization.

Supportability & Deployment

MobiChord allows mass deployment and support of IoT devices through an aggregated, real-time inventory and remote support actions.


Complete Transparency

Real-time inventories and analytics give organizations complete transparency of IoT assets and their corresponding expenses.

IoT Single System of Record

Create a single-system of record where all IoT-related assets and expenses can be managed. MobiChord aggregates EMM information, carrier information, and inventories to create a single-system of record in ServiceNow.

Elimination of Manual Work

Stop “swivelchairing” across multiple systems. MobiChord enables companies to manage all IoT-related assets, expenses and services directly from ServiceNow using customizable workflows and automated business rules.

Streamlined Device Procurement

End users can easily request new IoT assets using catalogs accessed from self-service portals. Requests are submitted to admins where approval and fulfillment can be handled.

Stop Wasteful Spending

MobiChord helps quickly identify areas where savings can be realized through complete transparency of data usage and automated roaming management of IoT devices.

Real-Time Device Inventory

Timeline of Device History

Workflows for Broken Devices

Communication Expense Management

Real-Time Alerts for Service Cases

MACD Processes

Tired of Managing IoT?

Let the experts at MobiChord handle it for you. Check out our managed services.

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