Siemens Case Study

Case Study: Enabling Enterprise-Wide Service Integration and Management.

SIEMENS is a global powerhouse and one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource saving technologies, as well as the leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission, and medical diagnosis. 

For years, SIEMENS has worked to steadily improve IT service management (ITSM) to ensure that its 10 divisions in over 200 countries receive high service quality at the best price. As its ITSM processes matured, SIEMENS moved into service integration and management (SIAM), eliminating silos and establishing a single service integration platform. 

This case study discusses the journey SIEMENS has had implementing ServiceNow and the reasons they choose MobiChord to help manage over 160,000 mobile devices.

MobiChord and ServiceNow gave us complete mobile transparency, allowing us to streamline internal tasks and shut down several legacy systems to substantially reduce operating costs.”

Siemens Case StudyDr. Matthias Egelhaaf

IT Services Director

Siemens Case Study


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