Telecommunications Expense Management

Sep 3, 2018

Cloud-based solutions are essential for telecommunications expense management (TEM) services. With cloud-based automation built on ServiceNow, you can increase your accuracy and lower your operating costs. But in order to integrate these solutions into your organization, you need the help of a company with a proven track record. At MobiChord, our quality of work speaks for itself. Our team has years of experience helping businesses integrating telecom expense management with ServiceNow. We can help you choose the best capabilities to fit your organization and implement them smoothly and seamlessly.


Here are just a few of the services included with our telecommunications expense management:

Quick TEM services. Speed is critical when it comes to TEM services, and our automated systems will make your processes fast and efficient.

Reliable TEM solutions. When you automate your telecom expense management, you can eliminate errors. Mistakes cost your organization time and money. Let our automated solutions increase your reliability and bottom line.

Asset management. MobiChord centralizes telecom assets on the ServiceNow platform giving you a single solution to manage all IT assets. This includes fixed-line assets, mobile assets and cloud inventories. Integrations from Mobile Device Management Solutions, discovery tools and providers make for a complete, comprehensive asset management solution. With MobiChord asset management is easy and hassle-free.

Managed technology services. If your company deals with technology services, you need a system that can assist with tech issues at the management level. MobiChord is built natively on your Service Management platform and allows for quick and easy incident management from the ServiceNow platform.

Technology expense management. As your technology-related costs accrue, you need to track the expenses so that the auditing steps can run smoothly. MobiChord ensures simplified processes, accurate data and secure storage of your data.

Telecom audits. You need to audit your telecom operations, but this task can be hectic if you do not have the right software in place. Our cloud-based solutions automatically audits telecom invoices, saving your company time and money.

Enterprise telecom expense management. You can manage enterprise expenses easily through our software solutions. We can help you incorporate the best features and integrate them seamlessly.

Fixed-line management. We help you automate and revolutionize traditional fixed-line management, for top-tier efficiency.

Telecom billing consultant. It’s easy to make errors in telecom billing, but our software solutions can streamline operations and provide great accuracy. Our software has all the features you will need to stay on top of the game when it comes to handling billing issues.

Telecom cost management solutions. If your telecom costs are rising but you can’t put a finger on the source, our software can help. It can analyze the different factors that affect your telecom costs, allowing you to identify problem areas before they spiral out of control.

Telecommunication expense management. Telecommunications expenses can take on a life of their own if you are not in firm control. MobiChord can connect you with the best resources for mapping your expenses and managing them effectively.

Reliable telecommunications audit services. The right communication audit software can take the pain out of the auditing process. We will help connect you with the best platform for cloud-based auditing solutions that deliver quick results you can count on.

Simple telecommunications billing audit. Billing audits can be a drain on staff and other resources. Let tried-and-true software applications handle the heavy lifting for on-demand billing audits.

Why perform telecommunications expense management manually when you can automate it? Free your organization from tasks that monopolize time and energy and can be better executed by cloud-based software solutions. MobiChord makes it easy to improve your expense management. We’ll help you pick the best software features to fit your needs, implement the solutions, and bring your staff up to speed. We use ServiceNow to help you integrate the best cloud-based telecommunications management solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your productivity and profits.

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