What’s New in 3.18?

Aug 17, 2020

MobiChord is excited to announce version 3.18 is now available on the ServiceNow Store.

  • Create more IT budget through increased savings with Smart Disconnect and Active Inventory Management for mobile devices.
  • Provide increased invoice management visibility through the Account Workbench module (track invoices on multiple account levels, organize, comment, export).
  • Unify the employee and admin experience on ServiceNow by enabling mobile requests on the Self-Service Portal and utilizing standard MobiChord subflows with Flow Designer.

If you are a MobiChord customer and would like to review the detailed release notes, you can find them on the MobiChord Community. If you are interested in upgrading, please reach out to your account team for more information.

Smart Disconnect

MobiChord’s Smart Disconnect automatically disconnects lines when it is optimal, saving your team time and money. MobiChord’s software analyzes contract rules, upgrade eligibility date, contract end date, and monthly services costs to designate the optimal time to adjust (suspend or disconnect) services for unneeded lines. Eliminating early termination fees and eliminating unused lines means additional IT budget to invest where it is needed.

What's New in 3.18?
What's New in 3.18?

Active Inventory Management 

Maintaining a stock of mobile devices can produce cost-saving with bulk purchasing, speed up service delivery, and enable your organization to reuse and recycle devices. Managing these processes without the proper tools can lead to disastrous results. MobiChord enables your business to manage mobile inventories within ServiceNow with workflows that mirror existing operational processes to collect, deploy, repair and recycle mobile assets in the field. With MobiChord’s Active Inventory Management you can:

  • Prevent early upgrade penalties
  • Reduce repair costs
  • Establish process with trusted recycling provider to recoup more costs
  • Improve employee experience and fulfill devices from active inventory (instead of forcing to wait for upgrade eligibility date)
What's New in 3.18?
What's New in 3.18?

Account Workbench

Account workbench provides you with a simple and powerful way to view and work with accounts and corresponding invoices. By allowing you to view histories, communicate with invoice operations, and get detailed information, you can easily answer all the questions that may arise from the business.

    What's New in 3.18?

    Self-Service Portal for Mobile

    MobiChord has enabled mobile request to be launched from the familiar, ServiceNow self-service portal. This gives employees a single ServiceNow experience for mobile requests (order, upgrade, service changes, etc.) along-side your full suite of ITSM requests for equipment and services.

      What's New in 3.18?

      Flow Designer

      Mobile requests are now available within the ServiceNow Flow Designer, enabling your organization to very easily integrate mobile carrier actions with your standard workflows like onboarding or offboarding. With mobile actions in Flow Designer, automating mobile work is quick and easy with no development needed!

        What's New in 3.18?

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