4 Tips to Streamline Your Company’s Telecommunications

Aug 15, 2018

Managing your company’s telecommunications system can be overwhelming and take a lot of time and effort. However, there are many things you can do to help simplify your system and help your employees be more productive and efficient.

4 Tips to Streamline Your Company’s Telecommunications

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Here are a few ways to simplify your telecommunications system for you and your employees:

  1. Consolidate methods of communications — There are many communication systems that are good for messaging and calling, but communicating over too many methods can increase the chances that employees miss important information. If possible, find a communications system your employees can use in the office or on-the-go.
  2. Be proactive about roaming — Something that can really rack up costs is having a wireless plan or a TEM that doesn’t account for data overages caused by roaming. Depending on your business, you may have employees traveling outside of the United States for business and communicating is essential for these trips. Mobile carriers have several options for travel passes that will apply roaming packages when your users travel. These packs range from $8 to $12 per day. Therefore, if a user in only roaming for a couple of days, these are a great option. However, when a user exceeds three days it becomes cheaper to purchase a roaming feature. MobiChord has created a unique, mobile application for corporate cell phones that notifies users when they are roaming and allows them to add a roaming package directly from their mobile device.
  3. Pick a flexible plan — Since different employees have different needs when it comes to a company’s wireless plan, you should look at a wireless plan for your company that has some flexibility. Depending on the telecommunications company you go with, you can have the opportunity to pick a plan with usage tiers for, data, text, and minutes that employees can pick depending on their needs. Most companies utilize data pools to mitigate the risks of expensive overages. MobiChord has great management options to ensure you never exceed your pool limits.
  4. Automate expense management — If you have a lot of employees with company-paid phone bills, you should consider automating how you manage your expenses. Choosing to automate your expense management can help you gain a better understanding of usage among your employees, while also pairing them with a plan that meets their needs. It also leaves the manager of your communications system with more time to oversee more important tasks. MobiChord helps automate expenses optimization in three ways. First, we identify unused lines, plans and features while giving you immediate ways to cancel, suspend or reassign the services. Second, we help identify areas where you have overages and give you ways to adjust plans. Last, we help to ensure that your plans actually fit usage. That includes underutilized services like unlimited data packages for a user that only consumes a couple of gigs of data per month.

While managing your company’s telecommunications takes hard work and dedication, taking the time to simplify your system not only saves your company money, but can also help your employees be more efficient.

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