May 8, 2014

AirWatch Partners with MobiChord to Support Mobile Devices More Efficiently Within ServiceNow

AirWatch, the world’s largest mobile security and enterprise mobility management provider, and MobiChord, a leading specialist for mobile service and asset management integration solutions, are excited to announce their new partnership.

As mobile deployments continue to grow, first-time-fix rates and resolution time for mobile incidents become critical to achieving business goals. With MobiChord’s AirWatch ServiceNow Integration, AirWatch customers will now have the ability to integrate enterprise mobility into their IT service and asset management processes.

MobiChord’s certified solution seamlessly integrates AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management and wireless carrier information, generating a single system of record with a 360-degree view on mobile devices, assets, and expenses. True end-to-end processes for acquiring, managing, and retiring mobile devices empower IT staff to react quickly and efficiently to all mobile requests from a single platform. MobiChord’s unique approach significantly reduces the mobile cost of ownership by automating labor-intensive processes, improving first-time-fix rates and resolution time, while simultaneously keeping mobile expenses under control.

Key benefits of MobiChord’s AirWatch ServiceNow integration include:

  • Enhanced performance of mobile support through integrated processes
  • Better first-time-fix rates & resolution time for mobile incidents
  • Automated mobile asset life cycle from acquisition to retirement
  • Control over mobile expenses & assets
  • Proactive compliance monitoring with automated actions
  • Unique capability to support multiple AirWatch instances in a single ServiceNow instance.

MobiChord Mobile Asset Management is available on the AirWatch Marketplace.

About MobiChord:

MobiChord is the leading vendor for mobile asset management within ServiceNow. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, MobiChord offers fully integrated solutions that extend ServiceNow’s capabilities to mobile service and support management. MobiChord provides IT support organizations with the visibility to efficiently support their mobile device ecosystems through a single system of record. With simple and efficient processes for mobile life cycle and asset management within the ServiceNow console, organizations are able to ensure the reliability of mobile configurations, reduce escalations, lower mobile support costs, and enhance the performance of mobile user support.

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