Amazon Web Services Management

Sep 3, 2018

An intuitive approach to managing Amazon Web Services presents massive benefits to businesses – both big and small. The scope of AWS management continues to grow rapidly through “software as a service” (SaaS). With new functionalities cropping up daily with the ever-evolving, cloud-based Amazon Web Services management, even the most well-positioned companies, including Google and Microsoft, will be hard-pressed to make a significant dent in the AWS market share.

AWS emulates a real computer but makes virtual cluster computers available on the cloud. Through a seamless cloud-based network, AWS offers businesses immense computing power and endless database storage amidst other robust functionalities. From improved agility and flexibility, scalability and reliability, reduced costs and amped-up efficiencies, AWS management is trending toward bigger and better by the minute.

For all of the successes of AWS, however, there is a challenge. While AWS dazzles in many ways, it also presents the daunting task of managing native tools and apps. The Amazon Web Services front-end control panel can be complicated. If you’re not a tech warrior, it may leave you flummoxed and frustrated. So for a business looking for scalability and high-end transparency, the question of how to manage, monitor, deploy and harness AWS resources is key.

Organizations want to coordinate, optimize and monitor containers and workloads across Amazon Web Services. With that in mind, MobiChord has developed a tool to help Enterprises, Managed Services Providers (MSPs), Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and IT consultants manage their AWS tools seamlessly and effortlessly. MobiChord provides users with SaaS management services through ServiceNow.


Through our Amazon web services management tool, you will be able to harness the power of ServiceNow to automate cost allocations and core business processes. We connect you with the services you need, well-collated and finely integrated.

This means that you will be able to:

  • Monitor licenses (used and unused) and curate all abnormal expenses with comprehensive analytics.
  • Allocate your Amazon Web Services expenses to the corresponding cost centers.
  • Enable end users to view AWS native apps licenses and requests for changes.
  • Create a single-system record of all SaaS-related user information and licenses that you can analyze and store within ServiceNow.
  • Provide complete transparency by allowing all users to access and view licenses, unused licenses, and active users.
  • Empower stronger evidence-based decision making.

Why use ServiceNow for AWS management?

ServiceNow is based on the mantra “automate whenever possible.” While this may sound good, automation can get bogged down by difficulties tracking licenses, users, and user information. In fact, inconsistencies with this data constitute the bulk of SaaS management hurdles for IT departments.   Most enterprises have a plethora of apps, tools, and content on their AWS platform. What does this mean? More SaaS = More Chaos.   In response, ServiceNow acts as the perfect antidote to the chaos. It offers:


A clear window into all Amazon Web Services tools and apps. This ultimately allows business to optimize their workflow, manage their expenditures, and maintain security and compliance.


Intuitive control to all licenses and users allowing your organization to ditch the spreadsheet. Ultimately, our AWS management tools will help you address some of the common pain points in any cloud-based SaaS infrastructure such as:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee offboarding
  • Vendor management
  • Security and compliance
  • Software spend processes optimization

Until you can effectively manage your Amazon Web Services applications, your dream of creating transparency and taking control of your subscription expenditures will continue to elude you. What’s more, you may end up accruing a litany of pesky “true-up” charges. Our services will automate your license management and help shift your focus towards utilization licensing of AWS native apps and tools. ServiceNow Amazon Web Services management will help you reduce your spending without having to scale down your usage due to lack of visibility. Contact MobiChord to for a demo on how we can help you with Amazon Web Services management.

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