[Live Webinar] Why TEM to ITSM Integration Matters in Today’s Ecosystem

Mar 6, 2019

[Live Webinar] Why TEM to ITSM Integration Matters in Today’s Ecosystem
Today TEM to ITSM integration is more crucial than ever. As enterprises move more and more of the IT assets, expenses and services to ITSM platforms, most TEMs are failing to properly integrate with ITSM. Those who have created integrations are offering half-baked solutions to merely transfer orders from the ITSM service desk to the TEM. This sidesteps crucial value in centralizing ALL IT assets, expenses and services on the same platform organizational changes are made and tracked. In order to produce the most value, it simply makes sense to deploy a TEM solution that’s built natively into your ITSM solution.


MobiChord is proud to have Kelly Teal, a Senior Research Analyst from AOTMP join us for a webinar to have a discussion about integrating TEM with ITSM and the difference it makes to build a TEM solution natively on an ITSM platform. She recently published an interesting article, Why TEM to ITSM Integration Matters in Today’s Ecosystem, and she will come fresh to the conversation with her findings.


Here are a couple of interesting questions discussed in the article:


  • Has your enterprise recently integrated your TEM-ITSM and experienced endless headaches before it was functional?


  • Have you recently thought about TEM-ITSM integration, but pulled back due to time/cost?


  • Are you grouped with the majority of enterprises who haven’t integrated TEM-ITSM but would like to do so?

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