Free AT&T Integration with ServiceNow

Leverage ServiceNow to efficiently order mobile devices, services and accessories from AT&T

Free AT&T Integration with ServiceNow



Eliminate human error with direct API integration between systems


Eliminate swivelchairing between the AT&T Premier portal and ServiceNow


Greatly reduce the time from order request to delivery

Free AT&T Integration with ServiceNow

Free Yourself for More Valuable Work

Order Management

Quickly order single or multiple devices, plans, features and accessories

Reporting and Visibility

Gain full transparency into orders with request and fulfillment reports. Transactions are monitored and quality assured by MobiChord. Requesters can be constantly updated.


MobiChord offers tutorials and how-to videos, free community support and quality assures every order.

Change Management

Seamlessly manage mobile changes from within ServiceNow with the ability to port numbers, suspend lines and reactivate lines.

Catalog Management

The app automatically and updates the full AT&T catalog. Admins can streamline ordering by recommending and bundling devices, plans, features and accessories.
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