MobiChord BillPay 

MobiChord gives you additional budget by paying your invoices.

Bill Pay Services

Earn Cash Back with Rebates

MobiChord’s bill pay services are unique because we optimize payment types to get the most possible rebates and then pass on that revenue to the customer.

Save Your Team Time and Effort

Let MobiChord take the work off of your hands by paying invoices, ensuring they are properly applied, and handle all payment investigations and disputes.

Gain Full Payment Transparency

MobiChord brings invoice information and payment confirmations to the ServiceNow platform, where you have complete transparency, security and control.

Bill Pay Services

Solve Your IT Bill Pay Challenges


Avoid Late Payments

Eliminate troublesome late fees, service interruptions, and phone resolutions due to late payments.


End Misapplied Payments

Stop your time from wasting endless time tracking down payments that have been missapplied or have errors.

Stop Swivel Chairing

Replace all of the payment portals with a single portal with full visibility on ServiceNow.

Replace Costly Outsourcers

Get rid of your old-school outsourcer that charges too much and keeps your credit card rebates.

Bill Pay Services
Bill Pay Services

Rise to the MobiChord BillPay Challenge!

We’re confident in our ability to set your bill pay services on autopilot and provide serious cash back to your budget. We’re challenging you to let us check out your invoices and prove the value we can provide in dollars and cents.


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