Cloud-based Solution for IT Asset Management

Sep 3, 2018

A cloud-based solution for IT asset management offers many benefits. These include greater reliability and accuracy in managing resources in your enterprise. At MobiChord, we use ServiceNow to provide your company with the best cloud-based asset management available.

Controlling your IT assets well will help ensure greater profits and efficiency for your company. Our recommended cloud-based solution allows your IT department services to be performed from mobile devices, saving your company time. Our service will also bolster the security of your office operations thanks to our powerful privacy features.


Our cloud-based solution can serve the following areas:

IT asset management. The platform is key here, and the platform of your choice should be easy for your staff to work with.  MobiChord works in conjunction with ServiceNow for IT Asset Management. We leverage the ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB) to house the assets we manage. Each asset is brought into the CMDB as a configuration item (CI). The cool part about ServiceNow is that is allows you to build relationships between items on the database which allows you to build a holistic picture of everything you company has. Housing your assets on ServiceNow put everything in one place to manage the whole lifecycle of the asset. This greatly improves the accuracy and productivity of your support staff.

Mobile Asset Management. MobiChord seamlessly integrates inventories from Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions and mobile carriers to create highly accurate and secure inventories on ServiceNow. In addition to warehousing the asset information, there are also full capabilities to perform MDM actions directly from ServiceNow.

Fixed Telecom Asset Management – Fixed telecom assets are brought into the ServiceNow platform where they can be properly managed. Asset information can be collected from telecom invoices, discovery tools or internal lists. Complexity of asset types in fixed telecom can be very complicated and hard to track. MobiChord helps dissolve this complexity by building relationships between assets that work together. That way if there is an outage on an asset with dependencies like a switch or PBX, you can quickly identify other effected assets.

Leverage the power of ServiceNow to manage your IT assets with the added benefits of MobiChord’s proprietary software to produce analytics and track organizational changes.

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