Does Your Expense Management System Need a Revamp?

Feb 18, 2019

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is a solution for automating/optimizing your telecom expenses and processes. A few of these processes include billing, efficiently managing multiple invoices, providing audits, lifecycle management, and provisioning as well as analytics. When a TEM is working properly, it has the potential to save time, money, and resources while allowing an organization to scale without having to use their entire budget on telecom expenses.

Does Your Expense Management System Need a Revamp?

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Advantages of TEM

Reduce Unnecessary Costs

One of the main purposes of TEM is to reduce wasteful costs and spending. Organizations have been able to save thousands of dollars from their TEM software capturing all of the costs associated with processing their telecom expenses and optimizing them. This is accomplished through a series of activities, ranging from verification of charges, billing disputes and cost center allocation. By catching unnecessary expenses and validating charges, there is potential for a large decrease in telecom expenses.

Making Processes More Efficient

Many organizations do not have a streamlined workflow to handle telecom processes. Simple work like auditing invoices, optimizing expenses and allocating expenses become huge headaches when they are done manually. MobiChord aims to completely automate these processes and move to an exception-based management process with little effort and huge results.


With a TEM solution, it should be easy to see where money is spent, and what is being used. Enterprises can take these analytical insights and apply it to improving the management of users, devices, suppliers, carriers, etc. With TEM, a company can obtain better pricing from a supplier or optimize rate plans to match usage patterns of end users. This knowledge of telecom spending can be used to make better budget decisions.

Does your TEM need a Revamp?

These advantages, as well as many others, are the reasons why enterprises value their TEM solution.  Take a mental inventory of your current solution and see if it is providing all of these benefits to your organization.

  • Helping you save money by reducing costs
  • Making your inefficient and manual process more efficient
  • Optimizing your telecom spending to help make better decisions

If your current solution isn’t providing these basic benefits to you, it may be time to revamp or look for a better solution elsewhere.

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