How Automated Mobility Management Can Improve Your Organization

Jan 9, 2019

There’s a reason why the number of companies that utilize multiple automated mobility management technologies has increased over 55 percent in the last three years. Companies have realized that automated processes boost work efficiency and business productivity. Increased efficiency and productivity, in turn, improve profits and present businesses with better ways to achieve their goals at a lower cost.

How Automated Mobility Management Can Improve Your Organization

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AMM Benefits Business Organizations

The long and short of things is that businesses benefit from Automated Mobility Management (AMM). From small electronics such as smartphones and handheld devices to larger items such as computers, AMM allows businesses to manage multiple devices simultaneously by monitoring their activity. It also handles connectivity and data usage, which, in turn, reduces mobility costs.

With AMM, it is now possible to automate the management of all of the business’s mobility processes. Many AMM solutions offer various benefits including faster provision of mobility services, ease in monitoring telecoms billing, and reduced overhead and other operational costs.

An Automated Approach to Data Loss and Its Prevention

AMM has various ways of preventing fraudulent activity across mobile devices. One such feature works by shutting down a mobile device when the SIM card is removed without prior authorization. It also shuts down further use and access of the SIM card from a different device. This effectively disables the mobile device and protects the confidentiality of business data and other important information. Preventing data loss and leaks is a vital, yet difficult, task. AMM works to preserve data integrity and makes sure that data and device access is kept between authorized personnel.

Self-Service Management Right At Your Fingertips

Automated Mobility Management systems facilitate self-service management. AMM can easily add features to multiple mobile devices, swap SIM cards, view data usage, and enable employees to perform several offline tasks. AMM taps into self-serve management landscapes that make managing several devices at one time a breeze. This is an invaluable tool in an administrator’s toolkit. By using AMM, administrators do not have to worry about remote personnel not having support for these functions. If remote staff encounter a problem, they will not need to go into the physical office to have their issue resolved; instead, they make contact with designated company specialists who resolve the conflict using the AMM system. This results in savings and efficiency while keeping staff on the road and working.

Real-Time Views of Charges and Usage

Due to the nature of billing cycles, it can be weeks or months before management is able to reconcile and assess data usage amongst employees. This can lead to some costly errors that are difficult to resolve because they occurred too long ago. With AMM, it is now possible to track mobile business devices in real-time. Monitoring is easy with the automated system, and mobile devices can even be restricted once the usage limits are reached.

The numbers don’t lie: businesses are fast recognizing the benefits of AMM. Preset, programmed tasks help streamline operations, enabling people to continue doing their jobs without the need for tech support intervention. The automation helps business owners focus on core business operations and utilize automation to the fullest, which can save administrators significant time and money in the long run.

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