How Internet of Things can help organizations?

Apr 23, 2019

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the world with its ability to add digital intelligence to physical devices. The possibilities for using this technology to enhance organizations are endless.  IoT can improve customer service, employee efficiency, inventory management processes, predictive maintenance, and more. The challenge for organizations becomes how to leverage the full power of this technology. We polled company leaders to find out how to do just that.  Here’s what they had to say:

How Internet of Things can help organizations?

Scott Newton

Dr. Scott Newton has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare – working as an EMT, a nurse, an educator, and a patient flow command center leader – he is also a trusted adviser and thought leader.

Using Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) to optimize asset management and improve patient throughput can be a financial lifeline for any hospital. Pinpointing the location and status of mobile equipment is critical to improving asset utilization and operational efficiency. Staff wastes valuable time searching for hidden, lost or missing equipment. This often leads to new equipment purchases, rentals and replacements costs, which are ultimately unnecessary. RTLS allows hospital personnel to manage assets, reduce costs and streamline efficiency, which in turn improves quality, patient safety and the financial bottom line.

Organizations that empower their internal employees with IOT capabilities like Alexa and AI-backed data allow seamless internal efficiencies that help meet the increasing demands of mobile consumers. Internal access to tools which allow employees to access customer data, allow them to build personalized relationships with customers. Further, at point of sale, companies like Amazon Go stores allow customers to leave the store without physically interacting with a store clerk – instead allowing them to pay for goods upon leaving by leveraging their Amazon app card check out.

How Internet of Things can help organizations?

Robb Hecht

Robb Hecht, is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at New York City’s Baruch College where he inspires and prepares millennial and GenZ students to build marketing careers for today and tomorrow including D2C microbrand startups leveraging the power of data strategy, A.I., Amazon, Facebook, Snapchat, Shopify, Instagram and influencers.

How Internet of Things can help organizations?

Lina Danilchik

Lina Danilchik, more than 6 years in the IT industry. Currently work as a Content Marketing Manager at SumatoSoft.

Firstly and most importantly, Internet of Things (IoT) can help organizations to maintain complete control of the situation. Organizations from any industries can benefit from it: IoT allows retail stores to monitor products condition, check stocks and watch which shelves buyers approach more often; in healthcare doctors can always be aware where important medical equipment is and track patients health indicators in real-time; restaurants can control their kitchens, monitor cooking devices and refrigerators, be sure that products are in perfect condition.

Secondly, Internet of Things enables organizations to automate routine and complex processes. Manual tasks that take much time and effort can be carried out by machines that interact with each other. Especially convenient this can be for industrial enterprises.

And third of all – and this point is related to the first point – with IoT cutting across all their activities, organizations are able to protect themselves from various contingencies. IoT enables companies to keep abreast of what is going on and immediately take adequate measures in case of emergencies.

Connectivity is key to competitiveness in the 21st century. Internet of Things is forging a web of connected devices that will connect organizations to accelerated growth. From factory floors to automobile dashboards, its positive influence would be hard to miss.

How Internet of Things can help organizations?

Dhaval Sarvaiya

Dhaval Sarvaiya is a co-founder of Intelivita, a Digital Transformation company. He helps Entrepreneurs build Startup MVP.

How Internet of Things can help organizations?

Nate Masterson

Nate Masterson is the CMO of Maple Holistics, a company dedicated to cruelty-free, natural, and sustainable personal care products.

The Internet of Things has one big upside that’s good for everybody in that it will vastly improve the customer experience. Whether B2B or B2C, the IoT is designed to give the user a complete bill of information as well as comprehensive feedback that will improve the experience through data analytics. IoT will help manufacturers identify malfunctioning equipment and even notify you pre-emptively before a piece of equipment malfunctions. IoT brings internet analytics to the real world, and there’s no telling how much we’ll accomplish to improve life for everyone.  

IoT is sometimes referred to as the driver of the fourth Industrial Revolution by industry insiders and has triggered technological changes that span a wide range of fields. Simply put, IoT is the network of “things” that collect and exchange information from the environment. With more connected devices comes more data. This data has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate, making processes more accurate, efficient, and seamless.

Though, in order for companies to realize the full potential of IoT, they need to combine IoT and Big Data as well as the rapidly-advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. This will help them make more informed business decisions with minimum human intervention.

Organizations across different sectors, ranging from healthcare to finance, can leverage IoT. For instance, when it comes to providing home care for the elderly, IoT is being used alongside Big Data and AI to help track, talk to and monitor the location of seniors. LocateMotion wearable devices help home care organizations and family members to keep their loved ones safe, reduce response time in emergency situations, and prevent wandering.

Similarly, IoT can also help manufacturing companies optimize productivity through predictive maintenance on equipment and machinery, it can help hospitals by providing doctors real-time insight into information from pacemakers or bio-chips, and enable critical communication between self-driving cars. The possibilities are truly endless.

How Internet of Things can help organizations?

Nauman Jaffar

Nauman is the CEO at Markitech, a Big Data & AI applications company. He is a digital transformation professional and a passionate entrepreneur who has co-founded technology start-ups Your Doctors Online and LocateMotion.

How Internet of Things can help organizations?

Nooria Khan

Content Marketer @ SIA enterprises

Today, the Internet of things has taken over our work and business environment. IoT developments encourage organizations and small businesses to rethink the advanced ways to approach their businesses, industries and markets and help them to use modern tools which improves and implements best business strategies.

  • Following IoT technologies could benefit your business:
    • In-time training for employees to enhance project management and planning skills. For example, Trello project management tool. This tool helps in making visual boards, cards and lists to organize and allocate tasks and deadlines.
    • Improves customer experience. For example, Fitbit can track how much we exercise, steps count and what is our normal sleep pattern
    • Enhance employee productivity. For example, SMART building or home, technology that uses internet connected devices to monitor and  manage appliances like heating and lighting.
    • Make better decisions using business intelligence tools like Sisense and Microsoft Power BI.
    • Better inventory and resource management using ERPs like SAP.
    • Improves safety, saves lives, efficiency and emergency response using Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) real time IoT software like BridgeraTrackme and Rescue.


  • All our staff works remotely, and since all of them are millennial and Gen Z, we want to ensure that our employees productivity, training and efficiency is IoT enabled.
    • Doing a zoom-based video meeting each week with the entire team to ensure we strengthen communication and improve collaboration between various team members (in future, we may try a VR headset in future to have the team have the feeling that they are in the same meeting room)
    • HubStaff for time tracking (it has, for instance, app tracking option so it discourages us from checking social media after every few minutes)
    • With our team we are using Trello project management to stay organized. We use the Tim Ferriss Trello Productivity Template to be able to make the most of Trello. (We are not fully used to it yet. More on this later).

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