How to Manage Large Wireless Pools

Jun 14, 2016

Mobility management is complex, time consuming and costly. One thing companies do to mitigate costly overages is to assign users to wireless pools. The general idea is that usage will average out between all users in the group. These plans allow for some users to consume more while others consume less. The problem with pools is that it is very difficult to accurately estimate the usage of large groups of users. This creates two major problems:

1. Over utilization of pools–When a pooled plan doesn’t appropriately match usage, it’s easy to incur massive overage charges. On occasion a single user can blow through more than 50 percent of pooled data in a billing cycle.

2. Under utilization of pools–To mitigate costly overages, organizations often purchase pools that are far larger than what is necessary. Perhaps 3 months of the year they consume up to 85 percent of the pool and the rest of the months they hover around 50 percent. This means they are paying for 50 percent more usage than necessary which is essentially throwing money down the drain.

How to Manage Large Wireless Pools

Wireless Pool Analysis Made Simple

MobiChord takes a unique approach to pool analysis. We believe the best way to match plans to usage is through complete mobile visibility. Our pool analysis allows analysts and cost center managers to view what percentage of pooled services are being utilized. They can further drill down into the pool and easily see individual users ranked by the highest usage. Using historical information, analysts can better understand users and custom-fit a group of people to fit a pool. Our actionable dashboards allow organizations to immediately and easily make changes based on pool analysis. For example, if one group is being highly under utilized while another is being over utilized, you can quickly rearrange users to custom fit pools.

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