Managing Telecom Within the ServiceNow Platform

Feb 9, 2017

With the digitalization of business, telecom services have become essential to ensure that employees can communicate anytime, anywhere. The proliferation of mobile devices, cloud subscriptions and IoT devices in addition to traditional wired-line services make managing telecom more complicated than ever. 
Legacy telecom expense management (TEM) companies are not keeping up with the digitalization of business. The proof is in their name! Their purpose is to handle telecom expenses and they neglect to manage telecom services. This results in poor user experiences and skyrocketing operational telecom expenses.
When you really dig down and really understand telecom management, you realize that it’s all about managing services.
Managing Telecom Within the ServiceNow Platform
Telecom, being a service that’s provided by the IT segment of the business, should be managed on the industry-leading IT service management platform, ServiceNow. It makes sense! Managing telecommunications with ServiceNow enables organizations to manage telecom as a service instead of just an expense. Managing telecom services with ServiceNow offers a number of benefits that simply can’t be matched by traditional TEMs:
  • Single system of record for all IT services and assets (including telecom)
  • Automation tools like graphical workflows, business rules and notifications
  • Light speed time to value with 90 day or less implementation times
  • Complete employee empowerment with intuitive self service
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies
To learn more about Mobichord’s revolutionary telecom service management solution, schedule a demo today.

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