Migration Fatigue?

Dec 4, 2018

Put an End to TEM/MMS Migrations!

I have recently had the opportunity to talk with customers and market analysts at length who cover the TEM marketplace. In our discussions we talked largely about what causes TEM customers to switch from one vendor to another and what can be done to promote customer loyalty and happiness. In our discussions each had unique and interesting insights, but there was always one recurring theme. Compulsory migration from one proprietary platform to another is a HUGE reason for customer displeasure and the leading reason why they switch from one vendor to another.

Migration Fatigue?

Why are migrations necessary? 

Most legacy MMS & TEM companies have largely grown from acquisitions. When a new company is acquired, they come with a set of customers and a technology platform. This always leads to one of two things; either the newly acquired customers are going to be forced to migrate to another platform, or the rest of the company’s previous customers will need to migrate to the new technology platform. Either way, acquisitions always mean pain and hardship for their customers in the short term.

Why are migrations so painful?
Migrations are sold to customers as an exciting new way to get better service and additional technology functionalities. The part that never talked about is the long and arduous process that must be endured to migrate. Some of the biggest problems during migration include:

  • Long implementation times
  • Service interruptions
  • Resource constraints
  • Quality assurance issues
  • Technical failures
  • Lost features and functionalities
  • Complex integrations
  • Configuring internal and external processes

And it means that long promised feature you’ve been waiting for isn’t coming anytime soon either..

Never Migrate Again!
How can you avoid these costly and painful migrations? It’s pretty simple, ditch the legacy TEMs altogether and start managing all of your technology providers with ServiceNow. As the strategic SaaS platform your company has already chosen to manage the rest of IT, it simply makes sense to leverage ServiceNow to manage mobility, voice, data, cloud and IoT as well. This creates a single, business-facing solution that is global, scalable and future proof.

Activate MMS & TEM on ServiceNow in 90 days or less!
MMS & TEM can be implemented on ServiceNow faster than any other isolated platform. The reason why is because ServiceNow is already deeply integrated with your organization. Here are a few resources ServiceNow provides that speed up implementations.

  • Organizational info – Users, locations, cost centers
  • Approval processes
  • End user self-service
  • Integrations – ERP, HR, Finance
  • Configuration Management Database
  • Low-code/no-code development

If you are interested in freeing yourself and your company from inevitable future migrations, schedule a demo with MobiChord to learn how managing technology with ServiceNow will help your company deliver better services at a lower cost.

Tim Stocks
December 4, 2018 

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