MobiChord is proud to launch a new initiative, MobiChord Cares.

Mar 26, 2019

MobiChord is proud to launch a new initiative, MobiChord Cares.

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Slopes in Utah, we as the MobiChord family are blessed and grateful for the lives we have and the opportunities provided to us. There are a lot of things happening in today’s world, even right in our own backyard, that made the decision easy to seek out opportunities to help and serve in our community of Salt Lake City.


Utah’s most vulnerable population currently is homeless youth. Youth run away from their families due to neglect, physical or sexual abuse, and other family dynamics (e.g. lack of parental support, alcohol abuse). Early experience with homelessness impact children’s academic performance, impede development of positive peer and mentoring relationships or expose them to dangerous or unhealthy environments. Serious, detrimental long-term outcomes of runaway behavior include lower wages, lower education level, higher arrest rates, lower health ratings, higher suicide levels, and greater dependence on public assistance.


Looking for opportunities to serve this population, we identified the Volunteers of America Utah Youth Resource Center as an ideal platform. The Youth Resource Center serves youth ages 15–22 who are experiencing homelessness and other unstable housing situations. It provides a day drop-in center for youth to access meals, showers, laundry, and basic-needs items such as clothing and personal-care items. The program also offers 30 beds of emergency shelter for youth with no other place to turn, and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to an average of 40-50 youth per day.


MobiChord Cares has already gotten started by volunteering to help serve breakfast at the Youth Resource Center.  We hope to be able to serve the Youth Resource Center and the homeless youth population the best, and in any way, we can.


Until the end of March, request a demo of MobiChord and we will donate $50 to the Volunteers of America Utah Youth Resource Center. Help us continue to provide service to the homeless youth population of Utah.

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