Let MobiChord give you a free, helping hand in the COVID-19 environment.

MobiChord COVID-19 Relief

MobiChord is Here to Help

With the risk of COVID-19 driving millions of employees to work remotely, companies are facing a raft of mobile management headaches and expenses.  This can lead to huge spikes in mobile usage and expenses. 

To ease these burdens, MobiChord is offering a free, 90-day service to help companies avoid overages, eliminate wasted spend and gain full visibility and control of their mobile usage and expenses.

“It’s wonderful that technology allows productivity to continue during these crazy times through remote work .  Companies are struggling to prepare for the new usage and costs that will come—almost overnight, We’re pleased to be able to alleviate some of the costs and management challenges during this rapid and unexpected transition.”

– Herbert Uhl, Co-founder and CEO



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