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Sep 3, 2018

In today’s high-tech world, employees need to be able to take their business on-the-go as they strive to stay connected with customers and colleagues. As a result, large organizations cannot survive without robust mobile enterprise systems.

MobiChord’s mobile device management allows you to automate the manual processes in your business by streamlining the communication structure. For example, you can automate cost optimizations and expense reconciliations in real time, sparing your employees from having to waste time on manual input. Our mobile system uses the ServiceNow platform, which offers a unique self-service portal to each end user and administrator.

The ServiceNow platform is centralized so it incorporates user data from all cost centers, cloud service managers and other corporate users within the business while providing remote access to a standardized set of users. ServiceNow can manage inventories and services while providing updates in the form of notifications to the relevant end users wherever they are.

Here’s a closer look at the mobile management services we offer:

Mobile Spend Optimization

MobiChord’s invoice processing system drives cost savings by attributing costs to their centers and identifying waste. This can help management to be better prepared in planning for zero-based budgets. Perhaps the greatest cost savings comes from the elimination of the need for manpower to do intensive reporting and invoice reconciliation. And don’t forget the cost savings from being able to recognize and clear inventory debt without accumulating surcharges due to missing payment dates.

Mobile Enterprise Solutions

Our solutions can help you identify over or under-utilized plans to ensure that each of your users is matched with the appropriate plan. You won’t need to manually apply roaming services; they will kick in automatically. Our platform will help you track data usage so that you don’t exceed your limit and notify you long before overages occur. We can also provide an automatically audited invoice. Just use the configuration settings to determine which auditing rules to apply.

Mobile Expense Management

Cost allocation solutions allow you to automate expenses based on a pre-determined formula across all departments and cost centers. Once you have entered a new contract into the system, you’ll be able to track the original contract rates against the received inventory. You can review specific contract-related invoices and disputes with carriers through the expiration of the contract. Overall, you will have greater visibility of your inventory, allowing you to track user activity and ensure that your rates are fair. You will be able to easily analyze current usage statistics, giving you an accurate picture of your communication needs.

Mobile Transparency

Our centralized mobile enterprise system gives up-to-date profiles of each user. This will allow you to enforce your mobile policy more effectively. MobiChord will also integrate all business processes and workflow, giving you greater insight into the working operations of each user. You can monitor devices in real time for work authentication.

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