Significantly Reduce Costs with Effective Mobile Plan Management

Jul 15, 2019

Significantly Reduce Costs with Effective Mobile Plan Management



Digital adoption is driving the use of mobile devices in business. The more employees you have, the more mobile phones, devices, equipment and plans (data, voice, texting, roaming) your company has and consumes. For large enterprises especially, it can become extremely overwhelming keeping track of assets, expenses and services. 

According to Gartner, companies with 500 or more employees that are not adequately managing their mobile telecom expenses could be paying upward of 30% more than necessary for cellular voice and data services. 

Pooled Plan Management

Sharing monthly voice and data between multiple devices means those who use less don’t get charged for unused services. On the other end of the spectrum, those who use more data don’t get bill shocks and overage charges because they can use this excess data from other members of the pool. 

Pool management generally entails reviewing historical usage and running a variety of scenarios for future usage and costs so you can accurately estimate the usage of the pool. This is no easy task, as it becomes more difficult as the pool gets larger. TEM solutions like MobiChord provide automated solutions to analyze mobile pools.

International Travel Management

Unfortunately for businesses, roaming charges are sometimes (and are often) inevitable as employees often have to travel for work.

In recent years there have been some very exciting developments in roaming plans:

– Daily Travel Passes 

– Pre-Negotiated Travel Features 

– Scheduled Roaming

– Roaming Alerts 

Plan Consolidation

When a large enterprise has been around for a while, it may seem easier to keep long-time employees on their same old wireless plan, while only putting new employees on new plans offered by the mobile carrier. Managing plans this way may seem like the easier option, not changing things that don’t necessarily need to be played with, but the fact is, consolidating these old and new plans can save you and your organization endless amounts of time and money.

Contract Negotiations

Mobile contracts aren’t negotiated on a regular basis, only occurring every two to three years. When renegotiating contracts you must be prepared to review plans and fight for the best prices. To prepare for negotiation, you must start by doing a complete audit of mobile plans and pricing across all vendors.


With constantly changing technology and services, managing mobile plans will never be easy. Combining correct management practices with good technology solutions is the key to seeing significant hard dollar cost savings and spending less time and effort managing mobile plans. 


To learn more about managing mobile plans, watch out on-demand webinar, Tips and Tricks from Industry Experts to Optimize Mobile Plans. Click the link below to watch now!

Significantly Reduce Costs with Effective Mobile Plan Management

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