MobiChord’s Take on Tangoe’s Acquisition of Mobi

Dec 5, 2018

MobiChord's Take on Tangoe's Acquisition of Mobi

Tangoe Acquires Mobi, What Now?
Have you heard the news? This morning, Tangoe announced it has acquired Managed Mobile Service Provider, Mobi. With this acquisition, Tangoe hopes to leverage Mobi’s mobile-centric technology to provide better services to existing customers. “MOBI’s technology supports our overarching goal to help customers work smarter,” said Bob Irwin, CEO at Tangoe. On the other side, Tangoe hopes to expand Mobi’s customer base to leverage their existing TEM capabilities on a global scale. “By teaming up with the global TEM leader, we can accelerate investment in our solutions and bring new functionality and enhancements to market more quickly,” said Scott Kraege, Mobi CEO.

Likely Uncertainty for Customers
With this announcement comes a great deal of uncertainty to both Tangoe and Mobi customers. While the press release indicated that Mobi would handle Mobile Managed Services, there was no indication what exactly will happen with their technology platform. Will it stay as a stand-alone platform or will Tangoe try to integrate their technology with the existing Atlas platform? The only thing customers can certainly count on is that there will be a migration in their near future.

What this could mean for Tangoe customers
With the acquisition of Mobi, Tangoe has admitted the defeat of their existing MMS solutions. For Tangoe MMS customers, this means they will soon be compelled to migrate to the Mobi technology platform, whether that be as a functional part of Atlas or a stand-alone solution. With migrations come a number of complex challenges including:

  • Long implementation times
  • Service interruptions
  • Resource constraints
  • Quality assurance issues
  • Technical failures
  • Lost features and functionalities
  • Complex integrations

What this could mean for Mobi customers
The company that Mobi customers originally partnered with will never be the same. They have been swallowed up by goliath and will now have to play with a new set of rules. I see three possible outcomes for Mobi customers. First, they Mobi platform will stick around, but customers will eventually be compelled to move to another platform. Second, Mobi becomes the MMS solution for Tangoe and MMS and TEM will always be managed separately on different platforms. Third, Mobi could become the go-to technology platform for all Tango business segments. All three options lead to change and uncertainty for Mobi customers.

At the end of the day, acquisitions in the TEM/MMS industry lead to uncertainty, added work and platform migrations. As long as TEM providers base their technology on proprietary, isolated platforms, these problems will always persist. The only true way to solve this problem is to eliminate isolated TEM/MMS solutions and start managing mobile, fixed and data with an future-proof, enterprise platform like ServiceNow.

About MobiChord
MobiChord helps companies manage Service Providers on ServiceNow. We seamlessly integrate internal and external service providers to offer a single, business-facing solution to automate all aspects of managing mobility, cloud, network, voice and IoT. Empowering your enterprise to offer better business services at a lower cost.

If you are interested in freeing yourself and your company from inevitable future migrations, schedule a demo with MobiChord to learn how managing technology with ServiceNow will help your company deliver better services at a lower cost.

Tim Stocks
December 4, 2018 

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