The Importance of Call Accounting

Mar 18, 2019

Companies of all sizes make heavy use of their telecommunications resources. These include services running on the internet, as well as traditional communications facilities like phones, mail, and SMS. With communications costs increasing, companies must be more shrewd than ever in their accounting, ensuring that they are operating as efficiently as possible with minimal waste. One way to monitor telecommunications is through call accounting.

The Importance of Call Accounting

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Call accounting software collects data about incoming and outgoing calls. The information collected includes the source of the call, the receiving party, length of the call, and the costs per call. This information can be used for billing purposes and for analyzing efficiency within your organization.

Ready-made solutions

There are different forms of call accounting systems, including software, hardware connected to the phone network, or cloud-based solutions. A centralized solution monitoring all the distributed systems is almost always less expensive than having several smaller units monitoring different parts of the system. Not only is the cost of acquisition less expensive, but the reporting will be much simpler for network and communications personnel. There will be no need for a consolidation of reports because all the data already resides in one repository. Additionally, a centralized system is better able to handle the volume of calls, and it can scale up with additional equipment as a company grows.

Software as a Service (Saas) can also be a viable alternative to a centralized system. There is no need for installation or hardware on site. The managing software resides on the service provider’s server. The cloud service provides call management, monitoring, data collection, and analysis. It negates the need for both software installation and hardware acquisition. You can manage the software and its features by simply logging on to the cloud.

Web-based solutions are a good fit for many companies. This can be a cost-effective solution as it plugs into VoIP services and phone portals for call logging. Web-based solutions can be customized in greater detail by an in-house development team. They can gather information and generate reports in real time. You can access these systems with a browser, without the need for a specific app on a desktop or smartphone.

Call logging is also helpful for accountability and billing. Think of the example of a hotel. The cloud-based solution can automatically add telephone calls to a guest’s bill with no fuss or hassle. At anytime that the guest wants to check out, his or her telephone log will automatically be added to his billing statement.

Mobichord offers premier call accounting solutions that can help companies reconcile billing reports from multiple telecommunications carriers, track employee calls to ensure efficiency, record incoming and outgoing calls, ensure top efficiency in data and voice networks, and identify circuit outages and abandoned calls. Mobichord knows that a good call accounting system can make your organization into a far leaner and more efficient organization—without headaches or wasted time on your part.

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