Things to Consider Before Moving to the Cloud

Aug 22, 2018

Using a cloud-based system can come in handy for your business, as it helps give employees universal access to information, while also allowing you to save space on your servers.

Things to Consider Before Moving to the Cloud

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However, using the cloud should not be a decision taken lightly. If you are looking to take your business to the cloud, be sure to do research to determine what kind of solutions will work best for your business.

Here are some things to keep in mind when picking a cloud provider:

Look at existing licenses — If you already have an existing license for a certain provider, you may be able to take that program to the cloud for minimal/no upgrade fees.

Check compatibility — You may find that some existing software would no longer be compatible with its counterpart once moved to the cloud. If those software are essential for your business you will have to find a provider that is compatible with those software.

Check the service — Moving to the cloud won’t do any good if the speed of the service doesn’t meet your company’s needs. Make sure you factor in service speed as well as recovery services from outages before choosing your program.

Disaster recovery options — Check to make sure the service you choose has contingency plans in place for any physical disasters that could affect the company’s servers and therefore affect your business. If their plan doesn’t offer sufficient protection, shop elsewhere.

Protect your data — When it comes to your business, protecting your data is of the utmost importance. Make sure the service you’re using doesn’t send your data anywhere that you wouldn’t want it to be.

Identifying usage metrics — Before you commit to moving your business to the cloud, make sure there’s a way to independently tell how much space you’re using so you can verify billing. You don’t want to get charged for space and services that you aren’t using.

Consider confidentiality — American-based cloud service companies are subject to NSA rulings that prevent the companies from revealing data passed to security services. So be aware that data you deem confidential could possibly fall into the government’s hands.

There are many cloud-based services out there, but it’s worth it to take some time to decide which service fits your business the best before making a major commitment.

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