TEM/MMS Migrations On-Demand Webinar

Putting an End to Technology Expense Management & Manage Mobile Service Migrations

TEM/MMS Migrations On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Putting an End to TEM/MMS Migrations!

Acquisitions always lead to one of two things; either the newly acquired customers are going to be forced to migrate to another platform, or the rest of the company’s previous customers will need to migrate to the new technology platform. Either way, acquisitions always mean pain and hardship for their customers in the short term.

In this exciting webinar, find out how you can ditch your isolated TEM, leverage ServiceNow, and NEVER migrate again with MobiChord.


  • Bring TEM to ServiceNow
  • Leverage existing data and processes
  • Gain full control of your destiny


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