[Case Study] How VITAS Healthcare is Improving Patient Care with Mobile Management Program on ServiceNow

Feb 12, 2019

[Case Study] How VITAS Healthcare is Improving Patient Care with Mobile Management Program on ServiceNow

VITAS Healthcare is the leading provider of hospice care in the United States. They operate 47 programs in more than 14 states and employ over 12,000 people. VITAS is a subsidiary of publicly traded Chemed Corporation.

Mobile Management Difficulties

Like many companies, VITAS’ mobility program was a combination of carrier portals, an MDM solution, an ERP system, and excel spreadsheets. Making simple changes for users was slow and cumbersome. Having so many users and manual systems, simple tasks like allocating expenses to cost centers and asset inventory reports took days to complete.

Beyond these issues of slow and manual work, VITAS faced three main issues in their mobility program.

  1. Lack of Device Lifecycle Management

        – Where are these devices?

        – Who are they assigned to?

  1. Healthcare’s High Turnover Rates

        – New Hires

        – Transfers

  1. Uncontrolled Expense Management

        – 10k-page monthly carrier invoices

        – Understanding and controlling usage


Integration was key to finding the right solution for VITAS. “We couldn’t pass on the opportunity to integrate seamlessly with our MDM, carrier portals and ServiceNow,” says Naresh Samlal, AVP, IT support at VITAS. “That was right out of the box for MobiChord.”

MobiChord was up and running on VITAS’ ServiceNow instance in a matter of days. Now VITAS has access to carrier portals, MDM solution, ERP system, and invoice data all in ServiceNow. Other HUGE benefits VITAS is receiving from MobiChord include:

Huge Time Savings – Now that VITAS have all their systems aggregated on ServiceNow, they are no longer swivelchairing between multiple systems. Everything is now accessible from one portal.

Enhanced Visibility – Having enhanced visibility allowed VITAS to gain additional insights into plans, features, lines, users, pools, and charges. This led VITAS to realize 25% on carrier-cost reductions.

Making Mobility a Cornerstone – Moving away from simply tracking devices, to using mobility as a strategy to enhance patient and employee experience changed the way VITAS runs their company.


To learn more about VITAS Healthcare and their successful Mobility Program, download the full VITAS Case Study or check out our Customer Discussion with VITAS Healthcare and ServiceNow.

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