Scheduled Roaming Management


New capability with the ability for end users/admins to schedule roaming feature assignment from the self-service portal. End users can be categorized and receive different features based on group assignment. Features can be assigned through MobiChord’s managed service team or by customer.

Business Challenge

Not managing roaming

Some companies are not doing anything to address the problem. This may lead to unplanned and uncontrollable expenses. And end users will not be doing anything to address the problem either if they need to make a call in roaming to complete business transaction. Worst case the roaming will not be activated at all preventing company to secure a business deal or miss important call from the client.

Continually paying for roaming features/plans

To eliminate the risk of overages and the risk of not being able to do business while abroad some businesses may choose to continuously pay for roaming features they are not using accepting business continuity to be more important than associated cost. This is what is called a waste of money.

Managing roaming with unstructured communication

Some Companies are trying to mitigate those risks by managing roaming with unstructured communication. Most of the time this creates a chaos of e-mails and calls to the hot-line that is not possible to process in time. This is prone to mistakes, extremely time consuming and frustrating for both the end user and for the person responsible for telecom management. This may also drive the cost of managing the roaming higher than it would be to pay for roaming features continuously.

Solution Benefits

End User

  • Has assurance that they will have wireless coverage regardless of where they are
  • Saves time by submitting request through self-service portal instead of sending emails or making phone calls
  • Instantaneously know what plan will be assigned and removed as well as how much usage he/she can consume while traveling


  • Saves time by structuring communication
  • Saves time by automatically selecting the appropriate roaming packages for the specific user
  • Features are accurately added on time because tasks are automatically created and scheduled
  • Avoidance of bill shock
  • Option to eliminate work completely with MobiChord managed services


  • Eliminates costly overage fees
  • Employees are more efficient and provide more value to the company
  • Employees are never left without wireless connectivity

Sales Demo

Technical Demo

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